Vital Statistics Edit


Name: Jack Frost

Seeming: Elemental

Kith: Snowskin

Court: Spring

Entitlement: Unknown

Notable Features: Inspiring, Spring Mantle 3, Striking Looks 2

Appearance Edit


Mask: Jack is a lean man in his mid-twenties. His platinum-blond hair forms a cloud of ringlets around his head. His

eyes are ice-blue, set in a boyish face. He is notably pale, and his skin is cool to the touch. He favors casual dress, but frequently wears an open dress shirt to appear a bit nicer. A broken clock hangs from a chain at his neck.

Mein: A thin layer of glass covers a body made entirely of ice. At the surface, the ice is clear but becomes hazy with large crystal formations deeper in. His eyes and head trail streams of sublimating vapor, lit by a glow within. No matter the lighting, he seems to emanate a golden aura.

Mantle: In places, the ice melts, and tiny green shoots rise up towards warmth.

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